Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Elmo-aholics Anonymous

"Hi. My name is Garrett & I'm an Elmo-aholic"...

We have a huge problem! Garrett is sickly obsessed with Elmo. It is affecting his daily life! He wakes up in the mornings & from naps, saying "Elmo? Elmo? ELMO!" When we don't put it on every single time he asks (b/c we don't want him to be a TVaholic of course), he gets pretty demanding! Like MAD! It's almost like we just have to surrender to putting Elmo on now or it gets ugly! He has even woken up from a dead sleep s few times lately around 3:30 am asking for him. That's when you know it's gotten too far. Elmo - please lower your coolness radar a little so that Garrett isn't quite so attached....we want our kid back!

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Barrow Family said...

that is so precious! Made me laugh out loud!