Monday, November 9, 2009

Video for Becks!

So...Becks has requested more videos on the blog! Beckett is Garrett's big cousin from Dallas. He loves cars at the moment so Garrett worked on a little suprprise for him the other day. That surprise was saying the word "cars"! He sounds like he's from Boston - it's more like "ca!" but hey, it works. "Hey pak the ca!" (Scratch that! Looks like video doesn't work with the new editor, so I will upload Beckett a video using the old editor when I get a chance)
Today Garrett surprised me by saying lots of new things. (These will probably be one-time ordeals, not to be added to his current list of words - dog, mom, dad, car - but he also said "Elmbo" for Elmo a few times, duck, cow, Duke, ball, & "baba" a few times when he saw a baby in a book. He started cock-a-doodle-dooing when he sees a rooster in his book - I have witnesses! I love he sounds at this age - like a little drunk foreigner.
We had fun with the bath tonight! Thanks for the Elmo soap, Aunt C!

Friends! This was taken at the children's museum last week!

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