Sunday, November 29, 2009

So...I used the new editor to upload these pics. Do they look all over the place or is it just on my computer that they're all messed up. I can't put text below the picture either, so I will give a little recap:
Pic 1 - park with Nana & PopPops
Pic 2-Swimging with Pops
Pic 3/4 - More park
Pic 5/6 - Bathing with my big cousin, Beckett, AKA Scuba Steve. I love you!
Pic 7 - My mommy loves me
Pic 8 - Thanksgiving Carb Crash....looks exciting huh?
Pic 9-Feeding the ducks cereal with an accidental spill - come and get it!
Pic 10- Say cheez!
Pic 11-just being cute
Pic 12-just the 3 of us
Pic 13-a picture at the zoo with ben & braden

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