Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A letter to Beckett!

Sporting the new shirt!

Dear Big Cuz, Beckett,
You are such a cool, big cousin. You brightened my entire week when you sent me a letter & a shirt! You always look like a rock star so of course I LOVED the shirt you sent me! I feel like a dude in it. It is so special that it came from you all the way in Dallas! Thanks for thinking of me. You & your momma are such thoughtful people. You put a smile on my face. I am so lucky to have you as a cousin. I can't wait to get to Dallas to see you! Now that I can walk, I will be able to do boy stuff with you like chase & hide-and-go-seek. I love you, Becks! Thanks for my mail! I had so much fun checking my mailbox that day! The shirt is so cool & I pick up a lot of ladies when I wear it. That is so cool that you love cars...maybe you can teach me all about cars & show me your favorite kind & teach me how to play with them like you do.
Bye for now, but see you soon!
Your little cuz, Garrett

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PittieBoo said...

We've had a few rough nights so Beckett hasn't seen this yet but he'll be super excited. See you soon!