Wednesday, September 2, 2009

School is Cool!

Garrett was so excited (or maybe trying to get away from me...who knows) that he was running to school! He was following the crowd & the cute girl in front of him. to say he doesn't like his backpack as much as I do?

Sneak peek of the classroom...

Gotta take a first day of school pic with the mom & dad...
So...I thought I'd send an update. The first day of school is a big day in a boy's life! I can imagine taking care of 8 one-year-old males on the first day of school probably made for a train wreck of a day, but the teacher assured us that "it was the best first day she has ever had" & "she is so excited about this year." Garrett didn't cry when I dropped him off, I guess mainly b/c he is used to it by now or more likely because he doesn't really like me that much at the moment! The teacher said he had a brief moment on the playground where he got real tired. Five minutes later he fell asleep in the "Bye-Bye Buggy" on the way back to class. One boy had his arm around him & another boy was stroking his hair. Aaawww bros already. The teachers are so sweet...the class is cute...the program seems great...we're excited he is getting to be a part of the class. It was a kid's birthday today & they got to eat cupcakes. Yay. Hint a little sarcasm there!?

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The Smith's said...

So glad it all went well on Garrett's first day of school! He's such a cute little man!