Friday, June 12, 2009

We love balls & The Little Gym!

We love balls. Dang it, I set myself up on that one! Here we are practicing soccer moves with the big red ball.

I found this work-out ball that I haven't touched in years & decided to dust it off & put it to use! It probably looks mean, but we actually learned that practicing rolls or somersaults is a good thing.

Speaking of rolls, we just finished the first week of the Little Gym! Nana & Pa bought us classes for my birthday way back in April. It is our favorite fun activity that the two of us share together & I'm excited to go each week. I have been waiting for this bonding time all year where we can have fun & do activities or classes together & it is finally here YEAH! We met some nice new friends on Wednesday. The class was small which was nice & the instructor is great. Garrett was the only one who couldn't walk. She kept telling him that he can't keep taking the easy way out by crawling but I don't think she knew he was only 10 months old...I was thinking "take it easy, sister!"

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