Saturday, June 6, 2009


It's summertime! And what an awesome way to celebrate the last day of work on long-time good friend, Laura, came in town who I NEVER get to see! This isn't her baby. I had so much fun with her & the family as always! I will have some work commitments & trainings this summer, but for the most part I'll get lots of quality time with my little man. Can't wait to live my dream life for 2 months...I wish it would never end!

Bear Creek Park! Garrett wasn't too amused but it was still fun.

See the owl at the top? He was hissing at us & flapping his feathers around. He hated us.

Garrett got to swim with me, Ben & Nana. So glad he likes the water. He had his first swim lesson of four on Friday. I didn't get to go b/c I was at work. The class is called "Mommy & Me" and John took him....huh huh.

Dog park. Soooo glad that Garrett doesn't mind obnoxious in-your-face dogs b/c that describes ours. Our dogs are the "socially challenged" types that spawn comments like "Look, that dog is humping ours!" or "Gross! That dog is crapping in the pond!" They're always rubbing people the wrong way. It gets quite embarrassing...really.

This is our new favorite game that we play all the time. I call it "Where's Mommy?!" but it's formally known as "Hide & Go Seek." I hide under blankets, in bed, behind furniture, in closets, etc & Garrett finds me! He will probably get sick of this within a few days. Press play!

Garrett is officially 10 months old today. I am burned out on the old "monthly" post, so I'll just list a few things he's doing now. He decided high-fiving isn't cool anymore, so he disses me on a daily basis with my hand up in the air. Maybe it's me who he thinks isn't very cool! He claps now. He's eating better when it comes to solid foods. He has a great time trying to feed himself, but none of it makes it into his mouth. He loves to cruise around on the furniture & stand without holding on to anything (for just a couple seconds before getting wobbly). He has a great personality now & prefers to play with old kids instead of kids his own age (probably because of his babysitter's house having all 2-4 year olds). He laughs a lot & steals toys from other kids. Ben was slapping himself in the face today & Garrett was histerically laughing at him. His new thing (my favorite) is dancing. He pops up & down on his knees & moves his head. He has about as much rhythym as I do. He has a few new teeth up top. They're like fangs. I'm pretty sure they're about a foot too high up in his gums. He got that from his daddy from what I hear! He doesn't like purchased toys right now, no matter how fancy they are. He likes picture frames, glass vases, dressers & dog cages....the more breakable the better....oh Garrett! Lately he has let me read a quick book to him each day without flipping out of my arms...this is quite an accomplishment that I hope keeps up! Usually I just read his books to myself while he crawls away & plays with his toys. He likes to do things for a few days & then stop (like the waving, high-fiving, etc). Another example: he was feeding himself his own bottle for days & then decided to stop. I think he's pretty smart...he's probably thinking: if everyone will do it for me, why would I waste my time! Here are some words he has said....some he says a lot & some only a few times: ball, dog, Dada, Momma, hi. He is back to waking up at night once or twice for no apparent reason.



The Ziebarths said...

WOW! He sounds like he's doing good. I'm super impressed with the words he's saying. Reagan still just babbles. Looks like you guys are going to have an awesome summer!

Denise said...

Yay summer! What a great post...I can't wait to meet the lil man!