Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ketchup Catch Up!

We're back from Dallas and here are some pictures from our trip plus many more from before the trip! We have been staying busy, maybe too busy! Dallas fam - I am putting the best pics from the trip on here & I won't resize them at all so if you want to save them, just right click & save to your computer!
Here's Garrett at the doctor's office. He has been going through some tough times & is awaiting results on a food allergy blood test he had done last week (we'll let you know if anything is positive). A second after I took this picture, he bent down on the ground & licked the floor. GROSS!
G loves going to the library for infant nursery time!
Chillin' with my homies after Little Gym.
Here we are making Daddy a Father's Day surprise since he's such a good cook!
Baby blow up pools are the best...even Duke agrees!
...even though I like my baby pool, I was more interested in crawling around in the backyard filth & eating grass. Such a boy!
One of my new favorite places ever! I want to go back every week! A last minute idea landed us at Pump It Up on Thursday with my friend and her fun, fun, fearless kids! Here they are going down the big slide. After my trip, I now say "ball" ALL the time! It acually sounds more like "bowel" but it still counts!
I had more fun than Garrett but I think he will love it next was a lot to take in! Here are G & his buds...
Swimming at Pops house! I have been swimming everyday for almost a week straight!
Four pack? Definitely got the abs from Dad, not me!
We saw so many fun people in Dallas, including Aunt Kristen & Uncle Farts!
Lovin' the swing
Three generations of Garveys
I used to love dogs, but now I'm a big fan of goats. Those things are awesome!
Love you, Nana!
At the petting zoo/ Me & my cool Aunt Jennifer
Miss you already, Becks & Jenn!
Getting some loving from my Pops on Father's Day!
After our trip back from Dallas, we stopped by Pa's house for a sec to wish him a Happy Father's Day & I got to see my cousins, Ben & Braden!

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