Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away Don't Go Away!

Today worked was cancelled due to some pretty bad flooding in the area. Darn. I do feel bad for all of the people that are hurt, have damaged houses, cars, etc BUT THIS WAS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!! I could totally get used to hanging out with my kid & not going to work. I love my job & all, don't get me wrong, but today was fun. John couldn't get to work so he had to stay home, too. Garrett ate well today, actually took an hour nap, & didn't crypretty much all day. We just played all day & had so much fun! When you are stuck in your house & aren't used to being with your kid all day you really have to think outside the box to be able to come up with fun things to take up the whole day. Today Garrett learned how to clap, hi-five, & drink from his sippy cup & bottle on his own (he has been "pretend" drinking from his own bottle for a long time, but now something is actually coming out - the lightbulb went off & he realized that he has to tilt his head back). He practiced walking while holding on to the furniture so much that he is now doing it one handed! I wonder how long it will take for him to forget all of that!
My students are the sweetest things. They LOVE Garrett. Almost everyday someone comes in with something for him whether it be a note, old toy, used stuffed animal, whatever. Even my last year's students bring him things from home or make him homemade gifts. He should feel the love! The latest thing is this dog stuffed animal that plays the song - "I don't need a whole lot of money baby (or something like that)." It lights up, flaps it's arms, & sings songs. Garrett thinks it is so funny! The kids have really gotten to know him b/c John usually comes to eat lunch with me on Fridays since he has the day off of work.
He enjoys used to enjoy coming to see me just to have something to do to fill the time with G$. I think it all backfired when one of the 1st Graders got all up in his face snapping & screaming "boyfriend, you need to take care of that family, get to work, gotta make that money, gotta take care of that baby & that wife, she needs to be home raising your child, go make the money!" He was very scared. He had no idea a first grade GIRL for that matter could have that effect on him. Now he doesn't particularly care for coming to my school on Fridays after that episode!
**I am so dreading this part but...I have to go work out. It is no big mystery that I have put on a few L B's since having Garrett & I have decided it is time to work on getting rid of my muffin top. I am going to start the "30 Day Shred" by that Biggest Loser lady. I'm pretty sure the 30 days are supposed to be back to back & I know that's not going to happen so it is already probably a failed attempt. But an attempt is better than nothing, right?!
Did I mention that rain out day was AWESOME?

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