Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tuesday 3/17

We spent a long time at the hospital this evening. My mom is an active little fighter. When he nurse lowered the meds to assess her progress, she broke through the arm straps & tried to pull out the ventilator. Thank goodness I was right there to get the nurse in. They need to learn how to tie a better knot - my mom isn't messing around...you can tell she wants outta there! She is still sedated & on the breathing tube. The doctors will do another spinal tap soon to check the fluid to see if the fluid is clear of infection. Right now they are not giving us any indication as to how she is doing, when she'll be off the ventilator, nothing. The only thing the doctor said was "This is not something that will be over in a few days, we're talking weeks." This is all really becoming more real & emotional. We all want our Judy back. It's crazy how many times I think (in a day), I need to tell my Mom that, wish I could do this with my Mom, I'll call my Mom, maybe she wants to have lunch somewhere...etc. My dad is lonely at home without her. He said "I am not the same without her. Can't wait to get her back. This morning I made coffee for her like I always do." I thought that was so cute & sweet. My mom can clearly hear what is going on, so it is imperative that we stay positive with what we say. We cannot let her hear anything negative that may bring her down.

MOM-Garrett picked you out these flowers yesterday. He grabbed them in the store & ripped off half the bunch, so we went ahead & purchased them :) The ICU nurse said I am not allowed to give them to you & made me bring them in the waiting room. Oops I didn't know. Here is a picture so you can see your Get Well flowers! Pictures last longer anyway.



Denise said...

I am praying like crazy for your mom!

Cindy Luker said...

Keeping your mom, and all of you, in my prayers!