Sunday, March 8, 2009

Scarface is 7 months old!

Thank you for the pictures, Pa! We think you're awesome!

Garrett is 7 months old! He now has 2 teeth, both just within a few days, with a 3rd one just about to break through. I won't bore you with all the details about what he is doing now, what he loves, etc. like I usually do. I will just say that we're busy around here keeping up with him & I'll upload a few pictures & videos for you to see. explain the title...John has been calling Garrett "Scarface" because he woke up with a HUGE gash on his face. It'so bad that it looks like he found a knife in his crib. Aaww :(


Cindy Luker said...

The pictures are sooo cute! Garrett looks like he ruled the soccer field with that gash across his face and an expression that says, "This ain't nothin', you should have seen the other guy!" You have the "picture perfect" family ... congrats, guys!

Lauren said...

Wow! Garrett is really moving! Hope to see yall soon.