Saturday, March 28, 2009

Judy B Update

The doctors have put my Mom on lots of medicines through her pick line. They all have contradicting side effects & are very strong. Some of them make her hyper, some make her sleepy, some are proven to make people sad...I think she is just plain tired from all the meds & of course all that she's been through. She will go back to the doctor next week & hopefully she can get off some of the medications. It is hard to believe it has only been a week since she went home - I'm sure it feels like much longer to her. She is hanging in there, but can't wait to feel liker herself again. Thanks for all the love & support she's received, friends!

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Amy said...

We missed you guys so much at Aarons birthday! Your family has been through so much, I hope things are getting easier each day. How is Mr. G feeling? Poor baby. Gracie was super stuffed up last night so I hope she is not getting sick. Tell your mommy that we are thinking of her.
Can we drop over sometime this week? Let me know what night would work! XOXO