Wednesday, February 11, 2009

All blogged out?

Look at me at 1 month I'm 6 months old!
Here are G's 6 month pictures. Next time we are going naked with a mohawk. He has enough hair to do a hawk again....can't wait!

I am beginning to be all "blogged out." It is hard to keep up with everything. Plus...although our lives are very, very busy, I can hardly believe that our day-to-day activities are exciting enough for people to truly want to hear about! I will try to post "exciting" things in Garrett's life, but other than that there isn't a ton of cool stuff going on. We cleaned the closets this past weekend to get it ready to possibly be put on the market. See what I mean? Not exciting stuff!

Here is John doing some gardening. He planted pansies. Go John!

I need to man up & be okay with Garrett sleeping in his crib. This is usually how our nights go: He falls asleep around 7pm (party animal), wakes up around 11pm or 12, eats & gets in bed with us (then wakes up at like 4am for good). The last few nights he has squirmed around so much (& cried for some reason) so much of the night that John & I haven't been able to sleep. From now on, we need to put him back in his crib each time after he wakes up. I think we'll have a few rough nights, but it'll be better in the long run. I love to snuggle, but I think he is so over that!

We are also attending a parenting class on Tuesday nights. It is a little challenging because it is right during the time that Garrett usually plays, eats, has a bath & goes to bed, but it is only 5 weeks long so we can handle it.

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Denise said...

I'm sure you're super busy but I will definitely miss your blog if you slow down :) Hope yall are having a good week!