Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Solid Food Attempt #2 thanks for the words of wisdom & encouragement but I think we are going to give
up for now! Poor guy was doing full body shivering like he had the chills with each bite accompanied with a look like he had just had a shot of rubbing alcohol. We'll try again some other time!


Denise said...

Haha great description :) the lab director at the my old job once did a shot of 100% ethanol (lab grade) in her younger wilder days...full body shivering was DEFINITELY part of the after-effects. Just think, in a few short weeks he'll prob be eating like a little piggy...good luck!

Stacey said...

Try putting a little bit of cereal in his bottle. (this is the boxed kind) Or water it down so much with formula it barely stays on the spoon. It helps him get used to the taste and the texture isn't much different than he is used to.

Mason used to do the full body shakes and crazy face with green beans. He still hates green beans.