Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Long post...

When I went back to work, everyone always said it would get easier as each day goes by. That is NOT TRUE! Each day is harder & harder. I am not here to bitch, but simply to vent b/c it is sort of therapeutic to get all of this out. As any working mother feels, I feel very slighted. Garrett is growing up so fast, is so big, & is doing so much... I feel like I'm missing it all. Work is becoming more hectic & life is becoming busier & more exhausting which I never thought possible. My family is my #1 priority & I am absolutely dying for more time. I shouldn't complain about having a job b/c there are plenty of people out there who need one right now. I am just having a really really tough time accepting & coping with this & also trying to juggle everything. Just feeling like I can't keep up right now. I so badly wish I could be there for Garrett forever but especially during this important first year. I always pictured my life different than this (home while my kids were young) & I guess it's just disappointing to me. I know I need to get over it b/c it is what it is (have tried everything to make the situation different/ better), but it's hard. That's all I have to say. I'm out.
We don't take many pictures anymore. Here are some new pictures randomly taken during the last few weeks:

Nana Tuesday-Nana is silly. She got a shirt made for G to wear on Tuesday's since I am always calling it "Nana Tuesday." Garrett has fun with you, Nana!

Loving books already! Well....actually I think he just likes to eat the pages. He did a number on his new Curious George book the other night.


All of a sudden he's doing so well sitting up with no help. After about 30 seconds or a minute he usually plops over.

Fun at the Zora's with buddy Sam...

Hanging with the family...

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Denise said...

I can't imagine how helpless and frustrated you must feel. I can tell it's hard to keep "looking on the bright side" when the bright side would really be staying at home all day with the little guy! Hang in there :(

Oh, and this isn't too long of a post (have you SEEN some of the novels I write?!)..but it is theraputic, isn't it? I totally agree.