Friday, January 2, 2009

5 Months Old!

We went in for the $9.95 one pose special & ended up buying 6 poses - it was so hard to choose!

In retrospect, the "old man recliner" didn't make for an awesome picture, but oh well!

Dear Friends,
I am 5 months old today! It is so exciting, because this month I don't have to get any shots. I am so big now & doing so much! I have lots of cool friends: all of my cousins, Sam, Grace, Colton, Gabriel, Reagan, Isabella & Annelise - I'm a lucky boy...they are all so much fun!
Here are some things I like to do: keep Mommy & Daddy up all night, talk (I have quite a set of lungs!), blow bubbles, drool, smile, laugh, & I loooove to stand up, with lots of help of course. My hands are the best. I love to shove my whole fist in my mouth. Nothing can stop me when it comes to eating my hands - not even gagging! Rolling has gotten to be one of my favorite hobbies. It is so much fun to steam roll across the entire room! I try to hold my own bottle now. My new challenge that I'm working on is crawling. I get pretty PO-ed b/c it's just not that easy! Everytime I try, I go backwards & it really confuses me. I have started reaching for things - it all started with Mommy's beer that night. Now I love to pet the puppies, pull people's glasses off & rip my Mom's hair out.
Today my Mom started crying b/c it was officially her last day of the Christmas break - she said she'll miss me when she goes back to work, told me how hard it'll be to drop me off on Monday & how she's really sad....I think she likes me :)
I love my baby entertainer, jumperoo & jungle gym, thanks Aunt Lindsay/ Lauren & Uncle Dave/Brent , I go to town when I'm playing with my big toys now! I think it's funny to play peek-a-boo & pretend to be flirty/ shy. I like watching sports on TV with my Dad. I also like Elmo's World (sshh don't tell...did you just steal my man card?).
I'm a tall & skinny little guy. I don't really find much joy in eating (I don't take after my parents, I guess!) The doctor says I only eat somewhere around 1/2 the recommended daily amount for my age & weight...I think it's b/c formula sucks! Bring on the ice cream - I'm ready for it! Until I start eating more, the doctor says I can't start solids. He said we'll talk about it again at my 6 month appointment. He also said my mom & dad have to keep feeding me when I cry at night so I get enough to eat.
I am a buuuusy guy. I am all over the place. My mom is always trying to snuggle me & I'm like "Mom, get off me, I want to move!" One of my favorite things to do is look at myself in the mirror. I'm not sure who I'm looking at, but I really like that guy - he makes me laugh!
Thank you for caring about me & my life. I will make sure to update you on all the cool new things I am doing!
P.S. Did I tell you that I'm almost 16 lbs. & today I broke into my first brand new box of SIZE 3 diapers!

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I love you Garrett!