Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Throw-up Update

G has started reaching to pet the dogs. I think he likes them now!

I took Garrett to the doctor yesterday b/c he threw up some blood. The doctor checked him out & said that his nose is raw & irritated - he guessed that we had been in a dryer climate for the past few days. His nose was bloody, so that's the only reason why he had some blood in his vommit. Phew! While we were there, I asked if we should be concerned that he is back to throwing up several times each day ALOT each time (it had gotten better for a couple weeks). He said that in some rare cases reflux gets worse over time until it gets better - which is hopefully by 6 months old or a year. He said we're just one of the lucky ones. Garrett has just learned how to deal with it - poor guy. No he throws up like a champ - even out of his nose - and doesn't even utter a peep :(

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