Friday, December 12, 2008

It's been a while...

Garrett's First Day at Work!
Garrett got to go to Pa's work today to check out his office. He felt like a big boy sitting in Pa's swively chair!

Garrett says, "I love you, Dad - you are so fun!"
Garrett attended our indoor soccer game on Wednesday night, thanks to Aunt Lindsay watching him. She took such good care of him. Uncle Dave had his first cameo on our soccer team. He is lucky we let him play as long as we did!! Haha - just kidding (I'll be interested to see if he reads this!). All of this happened after....
Garrett's first time in the snow!

Uncle Dave & Aunt Lindsay are way fun. We can't wait until they have kids, too!

Driving Nana's car! Garrett has gotten so busy...always on the move; rolling or trying to crawl...

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