Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Home with the little guy again...

Garrett's babysitter's daughter has RSV now so he couldn't go to her house today. I stayed home with him & decided to take him back to the dr b/c he just doesn't seem to be breathing any easier & his cough hasn't gone away. Good news! He hasn't gotten any worse. The dr thinks he'll be better in about 5 days b/c it takes a while to get completely over RSV. My mom will watch him the next 2 days b/c we just can't miss anymore work (as much as I'd love the time with him).

This afternoon Garrett was a moving fool! He got a work-out & passed out again an hour after waking up from his nap. He crawled straight from one side of the room to the other....only once, though. After he did it that one time he got so pissed b/c he wanted to do it some more but his legs just wouldn't move! He was trying so hard & couldn't go anywhere. Rolling over is pretty easy for him now. His favorite thing to do is roll over in his crib, turn sideways & get his feet & arms suck in the crib slates...then of course he starts screaming.

He also has this new game of Peek-a-boo that he likes to play with his bib, lovie, or blanky. He hides behind it, then pops out laughs. I love this age!

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Denise said...

I'm in town! Can I see him soon?! And you :)