Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Birthday, Scottie!

My big brother turned 32 today. I can't believe we're all grown up! It's hard to believe that my big brother is in his 30's! Here are pictures of him when he was a baby...wasn't he cute??? He still is now, too! Happy Birthday!

Thank you for all the fun presents...Garrett had a fun day! I can't wait to play with his new toys.
John & I got a Canon camcorder - yeah!
Our little Santa (or as Ben said back in the day "Danta")...

The cousins were worn out from all the excitement!
We met baby Grace last night. She is like a little angel - so precious! She didn't make a peep the whole time we were there. I am so glad we got to see her - she is too cute. Garrett slept through the whole thing, so we'll have to bring him to meet her again soon.
Garrett making a Christmas ornamanent...

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