Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Visit from Great Grandpa & more...

Yeah! Grandpa is in town from Chicago & got to hang out with Garrett today (Tuesday). My mom said that he still has a few tricks up his sleeve on how to quiet a crying baby from back in the day. He hung out with Garrett, fed him, had guy time, etc.

Chillaxin' after work at Nana's...we had a no throw-up day today.

Sleeping after work at Nana's, then again at home (the sleeping began around 5pm - how boring am I!)....when does the exhaustion end? I hate wasting the night away, but always seem to do it. I can't wait until little man is sleeping better at night & until I manage to adjust to being back at work...

Hhhmmmm.....wonder why John & I like these onesies so much.

Such a typical guy.....hands in his pants with the remote, on the couch watching ESPN. Really Garrett, already?!
*On another note, I have never been more excited about Thanksgiving for some reason. I have already decided I am wearing my fat girl pants (maternity pants), so I can eat to maximum capacity. After that, I think a diet lies ahead for me....I think I've been packing on like a pound a day since having a baby. I thought you were supposed to lose weight after giving birth. This is getting depressing!

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