Friday, November 7, 2008

Update after Texas Children's (Friday visit)

Garrett had a rough day. He threw up a bunch this morning & wasn't allowed to eat after 9:30am until about 3pm when the test was done. He got to hang out with Nana though & meet my students at school, so that was fun. The Upper GI test that he had today was much worse than yesterday. There were several techs holding him down to the table while a nurse stuck a tube (a very long one) down his throat all the way to the bottom of his stomach to take a closer look. He was so unocomfortable. He was kicking & screaming so loud, he sounded like he was choking & couldn't breath. The camera kept going farther & farther down. I wanted to cry, I felt so bad for him. His face was so red that he popped blood vessels in his eyes. He was in an MRI looking machine that closed in around him & took pictures every few seconds. We could see it on the TV screen, too. Everyone had their hands in the machine like smothering him so he couldn't move. There were two radiologists standing around saying things like "Oh, I see it, there's the spot...go closer, hhhmmm." I was thinking, "Tell me what is going on!" I had no clue what they were even looking for. At the end, the lady said that the condition they were looking for is very serious & dangerous, that it had looked like he might have had it yesterday from the tests. She said today, though, that everything looks normal & in the right place. Thank God. Finally I asked what were we looking for anyway. She said they were checking to see if he had intestinal malrotation. Malrotation is twisting of the intestines caused by abnormal development while a fetus is in utero, and can cause obstruction in which surgery is required. Malrotation occurs in 1 out of every 500 births in the United States. I guess it was a good ending to a very shitty week. I felt like all week, when I saw my kid I was either dropping him off in the morning, starving him, helping a nurse hold him down to a table, or he was sleeping. Quality. I really hope this gets better. I can't wait to see more of my son. This sucks so bad. The good news is that he doesn't have a life threatening condition; we just have to ride this out & eventually he'll stop puking everyday.
As soon as we left the x-ray room I fed him & he immediately ralphed all over me & the chair. He's been sleeping ever since. He has been so tough & put up with so much this week.

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