Monday, October 27, 2008

Two dogs to a good home....

John found 2 dogs today that were close to running onto Highway 6 today, so he picked them up. He took them to the emergency clinic to see if they were microchipped & they are. We have been trying to contact the owners endlessly - we've tried everything. The owner's names are misspelled through 24 Hour Pet Watch, their numbers & address don't exist...we are out of ideas! These dogs are so sweet & have been really easy to manage. We really don't want to give them to a shelter - those places are so sad. We kind of need to find somewhere for them asap, though because of Garrett and our two 90 pounders. Anyone interested? If the owners contact us within a day or two, you would need to be willing to give them up....but at this point, we don't think that's going to happen. If you are interested in these handsome boys, email me at They are brothers, so we think they should go together to a good home. They seem to be good buds. One of them is black with a cute white patch - probably about 45 pounds. The other one looks like he is probably 30-35 pounds - both are cute!!

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