Thursday, October 9, 2008

I feel so helpless! Little Garrett has been having a difficult time keeping his food down for a long time, but it seems to be getting even worse. The pediatrician referred him to a specialist downtown at Texas Children's & to get some Upper GI tests done, because at this point she is not convinced that it is caused completely by reflux. If it is all due to reflux, she said it is a VERY severe case. I feel so bad for him. He is clearly uncomfortable. He can't eat a whole bottle without throwing up usually & pretty much snacks the whole day. The dr said eating a little bit at a time feels good b/c it pushes the acid back down temporarily. When he throws up, it is every ounce in his little body & flies straight across the room sometimes. John & I feel sooo bad for him. This week we haven't left the house much except to go to the pediatrician's office b/c he has just been so uncomfortable. At night, I strap him into the car seat & push him all over the house in his stroller to try to help him get relief - that used to work. Now the ONLY thing that helps him is the swing. He's been spending lots of time in there. Our poor little guy is so helpless & I wish there was something we could do to help. He's been on 4 different medicines for reflux since he was a week old & it doesn't seem to give him much relief. It's so hard to see him upset!! Garrett is going on his first big trip this weekend. Hopefully that will distract him for a little while & help him have a couple days with improvement.
On another note, Garrett stopped crying this morning & immediately smiled straight at me 5 times in a row. He smiled so big & I got to see his little dimples. He was probably just farting, but it was so awesome to see his beautiful smile!


Shana, Cory and Colton said...

cAwwww that is so sweet about the smile!! That is the best.

I am so sorry he is still having trouble with the reflux. When do you go to Texas Childrens?

Kathy said...

oh poor little guy! I am so sorry he and you are experiencing that.

Denise said...

I bet that feeling of helplessness is the worst. I'll keep the little guy in my prayers.