Saturday, October 4, 2008

2 Months Old!

Wow, time flies by! G is already 2 months old. He's still a big time snuggler, but is starting to do other things, too. He's awake for longer periods of time & stares at things a lot now. He is a little more independent now & doesn't mind hanging out by himself - in his crib or swing. Oh, how I love hanging out with our little guy - he's fun.
We now have an appt scheduled with a GI specialist downtown to help him get some relief with the reflux/ vomitting...
Update after G's 2 month appt.:
Height: 23.5 inches, 75-90th%
Weight: 11 lb. 13 oz., 75th%
Head: 15.5 cm, 25-50th%

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