Sunday, September 14, 2008

Update for our family members...

Sorry we haven't called you back! We don't have cell phone service yet & are unable to text...occassionally we are able to receive texts, but that's it. We just want you to know that we are fine. We had power at our house until 3 am on Friday night, the night Ike hit. After that we haven't got it back yet. We spent the night in our guest bathroom just in case tornadoes came through. It was tight in there with John, Garrett, & I plus our 85 pound dogs, but we had fun. We were fortunate enough to have friends in the neighborhood with a generator, so we spent Saturday afternoon at Dave & Lindsay's. Then we all drove around for 2 hours trying to find something to eat before giving up & going back to our house. We were able to receive a text from my parents that said they had gotten power back, so we picked up the dogs & came over Saturday night to spend the night. Power went out here at 3 am but came back around 11am, so we are staying until we can get a hold of our neighbors telling us we have power at our house. We were very lucky...we have some fence damage & a bendy tree, but that's it. Our neighborhood probably lost 150 trees, but nothing too traumatic happened. We feel for everyone who weren't as lucky as us...hope you are safe & your houses recover soon!

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