Thursday, September 25, 2008

Garrett's First Sleep Over!

Garrett had his first sleepover @ Nana & Pa's tonight. We packed up his new bacpack that Cara & George gave him & dropped him off. It was so hard to say goodbye! With our free time, we went on a run, watched The Office & Grey's, & had a drink. Miss him already! He has fun at Nana & Pa's, though.


Jennifer Garvey said...

Aren't you brave. Our first night together away from Beckett is tomorrow for our 4 year anniversary!

Kelly said...

well its not as fun as i had hoped - john is in bed already!

Aaron & Mari Fredrickson said...

How funny! We are having our first sleep over tomorrow! Aaron and I are going to celebrate our anniversary and Sam is staying at Grammy and Poppy's.